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Every person is using the internet today. Which makes it very vulnerable. Now, security is a big concern for every internet user. Installing good and reliable security software is a basic need of every device. Bitdefender provides advanced security features for all types of malware and internet threats. Contact Bitdefender Antivirus Support and get more details and suggestions regarding your Bitdefender antivirus.

While using Bitdefender, a user may face some kinds of issues while downloading, installing or using the antivirus. You can contact Bitdefender Tech Support and get the proper solutions to your queries. Bitdefender provides you with various suites according to the features. You can choose any Bitdefender product according to your system compatibility and requirements.

Contact Bitdefender Antivirus Support Phone Number and get your queries resolved quickly

A customer can face many types of issues while using Bitdefender in his system. If the customer is the technically sound person he can easily resolve the issues. But if the customer doesn’t have any kind of technical knowledge than issues can be a big challenge for him. So it’s always better to resolve your queries under professional guidance.

Merits of dialing Bitdefender Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number:

  • Reliable help from our professionals
  • 24*7 active help support
  • Cost-effective service which saves your time as well as money
  • 99% user satisfaction on the very first call
  • Quick help support

Common issues with Bitdefender antivirus:

  • Bitdefender Blocks File Creation:Sometimes Bitdefender blocks the apps from file creation and saving them in your device. Bitdefender antivirus blocks these apps due to security reasons. These apps related files may contain harmful malware which can harm your device and other files. But if you are doing some online streaming activities such as playing a game then blocking the files can be bothersome. But if you change the setting you can easily save all the files. You can grant the permissions to your games and apps to save files in your device. You have to switch the setting manually:
  1. Open your Bitdefender dashboard
  2. Go to the notification screen
  • Search for apps access blocked item
  1. Tap on view application
  2. If the app permission is blocked, toggle it to allow
  3. Now, try to save your app-related files. If you are still facing issues while saving those files, dial Bitdefender Support Number USAfor help.
  • SSL scanning breaks secure sites and applications:This is a very common type of error is Bitdefender antivirus usually occurs due to conflict with other software and applications. SSL issue can also occur with some websites and online games. The best solution for solving this error is by disabling Bitdefender scan SSL:
  1. Go to Bitdefender dashboard
  2. Open Features
  • Go to settings
  1. Open Scan SSL
  2. Toggle the button for disabling SSL
  3. Check for conflicts, if you are still facing any kind of trouble dial Bitdefender Support Canada.
  • Issues while activating Bitdefender Firewall:Bitdefender offers a good firewall to your network. Firewall is a very important feature for every antivirus. It blocks all the malicious URLs from accessing your network. But if the firewall gets disabled, it can cause trouble to your network. Disabling usually occurs due to missing services in Windows and BFE which are used for controlling Windows Filtering Platform. Here are the steps for solving this error:
  1. Right click on Computer/This PC in the File Explorer
  2. Tap on Manage
  • Select Services and Applications
  1. Tap on Services
  2. Select Base Filtering Engine
  3. Check for the status, The Startup should be automatic
  • Status of Service must be running
  • Tap on start
  1. Restart your device

Now check your firewall, if you are still unable to access the firewall of your Bitdefender antivirus then contact Bitdefender Support Phone Number for help.

  • Unable to update Bitdefender antivirus:Sometimes a user may face some sort of issues while updating Bitdefender antivirus. Before searching for any solution, check your internet connection and disk space. Low disk space or weak internet connection can lead to this problem.
  • Issues while booting system after installing Bitdefender antivirus:Booting issues usually occur if a system has two or more security software installed in your device or due to incomplete removal of the prior security program. For solving this issue, restart your device and open it in Safe mode. Browser for Download the uninstall tool in your system. Uninstall your Bitdefender antivirus and reinstall it. Check if the issue is resolved or not, if not then contact Bitdefender Tech Support.

Other issues related to Bitdefender antivirus:

  • Bitdefender blue screen error
  • Frequent crashes while performing a full scan
  • Unable to use Bitdefender on Windows 8
  • Unable to detect Trojans with Bitdefender
  • Bitdefender anti-exploit error
  • Issues while upgrading Bitdefender antivirus

Along with these issues, a user may face many other issues while using Bitdefender antivirus. For any kind of assistance, dial Bitdefender Antivirus Support Phone Number and reliable help support.

Why contact Bitdefender Help and Support over other service centers?

A user may fall into trouble at any time frame of the day. Suppose you are working on an important document at night and you are facing frequent crashes. At that moment, you can walk out to any service center or dial our Bitdefender Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number. Most of the service centers are usually closed at night, so you can’t get help from them. But we are offering you 24*7 help support service. Here, you can get the best guidance for your issues which can save your time as well as money.

How to contact Bitdefender Antivirus Technical Support?

Our team is providing you with various platforms for contacting Bitdefender Tech Support.

  • Support via Phone call:You can dial Bitdefender Support Number USA, you call will be directly answered by our technical team.
  • Support via online chat:Contact Bitdefender Support Chat, quote your queries and get reliable solutions for your problems.
  • Our help services for Bitdefender antivirus is also available in various SNSs like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also visit direct Bitdefender website to complete your setup or call at 0040374303094.