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Malwarebytes antivirus is one of the top antivirus programs available today. Today internet security is a big concern due to increasing hacking and criminal activities. Malwarebytes provides excellent protection against all kinds of harmful viruses and malware, malicious URLs, and internet threats. You can dial Malwarebytes Customer Service Number and get more details and suggestions about Malwarebytes antivirus.

A user may face issues while using Malwarebytes in his system. Issues may occur while downloading, installing, scanning, updating the antivirus. Contact Malwarebytes Customer Support Number and get your all issues resolved quickly. We are providing you with reliable help support for your Malwarebytes antivirus.

Dial Malwarebytes Customer Service Telephone Number and get your glitches resolved quickly

A person can get various issues while using Malwarebytes antivirus. We are providing you with a team of expert technicians, which can resolve your problems in a very short frame of time. Dialing our Malwarebytes Phone Number will not only provide you with reliable help support but it also saves your time as well as money. Our team has years of experience and can provide you with solutions for every kind of glitches.

Issues related to Malwarebytes:

  • Unable to install Malwarebytes in my system:A user may face many kinds of issues while installing Malwarebytes in his system. These issues usually occur due to incomplete downloaded files, deleted register files, corrupted windows files etc. Installation issues can also occur due to system incompatibility. Check your device specifications before downloading Malwarebytes in your system. Here are the steps for installing Malwarebytes antivirus in your system:
  1. Go to your web browser
  2. Search for the official website of Malwarebytes
  • Tap on the free download button. You will be redirected to another page
  1. The downloading of Malwarebytes will start automatically
  2. Press the Click here button
  3. A run dialog box will we display on the screen asking you if you want to run or save the antivirus.
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Tap on OK button
  1. Malwarebytes antivirus setup will be displayed on the screen
  2. Click on the Next button
  3. Tap on I accept the agreement window
  • Tap on Next button
  • A setup dialog box will be displayed on your screen
  • Tap on next button
  1. Select the drive where you want to save the files related to Malwarebytes.
  • Tap on the Next button
  • Press the install now button
  • Tap on Finish button
  • After full installation, restart your system
  1. After following the steps mentioned above, if you are facing any sort of issues, dial Phone Number for Malwarebytes.
  • Error 20025:Error 20025 is a common error in Malwarebytes, usually occurs during the installing Malwarebytes in the device. This error also occurs when there is some sort of issues in the Operating System. This error can be resolved by updating the device drivers. Update all your PC drivers. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the antivirus. If you are still getting the same issue, contact Malwarebytes Tech Support Phone Number and get the step by step guidelines for your issue.
  • Malicious URL protection disabled:If this function gets disabled then your device may get viruses and malware. This is an important feature of Malwarebytes which provides protection against harmful URLs. Here are some steps for enabling this feature:
  1. Close all running programs
  2. Shut down your system
  • Restart your device
  1. Open the dashboard of Malwarebytes
  2. Click on update now button
  3. Wait for the complete update
  • Now, close the Malwarebytes antivirus program
  • Reopen Malwarebytes
  1. Check malicious website protection feature is now working or not. If not dial, Phone Number for Malwarebytes Customer Service and ask for reliable help.
  • Unable to use Malwarebytes antivirus in my device:Sometimes, even after proper installation of Malwarebytes antivirus, a user faces many kinds of issues while scanning, updating or upgrading the antivirus. This issue occurs due to corrupted program files, broken register files or due to outdated software. Update your antivirus for using all advanced features of Malwarebytes. Here are the steps for updating Malwarebytes antivirus:
  1. Open your Malwarebytes dashboard
  2. Tap on Scan now button
  • After scanning, check the results
  1. Select the Quarantine items
  2. If you don’t want quarantine items, you can uncheck them
  3. Click on reports
  • Tap on scan reports
  • Tap on view reports
  1. Tap the Quarantine tab for viewing the quarantine items
  2. Choose the items you want to remove from Quarantine
  3. Restart your device
  • Now, check if you are still getting any kind of problems. Contact Malwarebytes Phone Number Supportand get your queries resolved easily.
  • Unable to access the URL:This type of issue usually occurs when the antivirus detects a malicious website. This antivirus, blocks that URL and notify you with an alert pop-up message that this website is malicious. Malwarebytes will block that particular website and protect your network and device from malicious threats. But if you want to access that website then right click on the antivirus tray icon and open the Website Blocking option. Uncheck that dialog box. Now you can easily access that website. But this is not a good practice. After completing your task toggle the blocking option in the account for better protection.

Why choose Malwarebytes Customer Service Number over other service centers?

Issues are like uninvited guests, you may face them any time of the day. Let’s say you are working on important documents and suddenly your device freezes while scanning the file. At that time, you can go to a service center or you can dial our Malwarebytes Phone Number USA for help. But most of the service centers are time bounded. They can provide you with round the clock services. Our help team is providing you 24*7 help support for your issues in a very friendly manner.

How to contact Malwarebytes Customer Service Number?

Our team is providing you with various platforms for connecting with our help support:

  • Via phone call:You can dial Malwarebytes Phone Number, you call will be directly answered by our technical executives.
  • Via live chat:We are aware that many customers feel bothersome with a phone call. For those customers, we are providing you live chat support so you can easily quote your query.

Our help support for Malwarebytes is also available in various SNSs like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also visit direct Malwarebytes website to complete your setup or call at 1-800-520-2796.