Microsoft Edge Customer Service Phone Number (1-888-993-9484)

Microsoft Edge web browser is a new web browser which is introduced as a replacement of Internet Explorer by Microsoft. This browser replaces Internet Explorer from Xbox devices, Windows 10, and Windows 10 mobile. Microsoft Edge is a wonderful web browser which is very robust and works easily on all platforms.

Microsoft Edge Customer Service is handled by a professional team; our team is highly qualified technicians who are always available for your help. A user can face various errors while using Edge, dialing our Microsoft Edge Toll-Free Number will help you for troubleshooting the errors. Microsoft is a robust web browser due to which the chances of getting errors are very less, but if you get into the error; asking for technical support can be helpful.

Our skilled technicians will provide you step by step guidelines for solving your errors. We are round the clock available for seven days a week for your help. Edge is mingled with various top tools such as reading mode, annotations as well as Cortana! A user can also get in error when he is not able to use these features and tools properly. Microsoft Edge Phone Number is giving you 24*7 help for your Microsoft Edge glitches.

Merits of dialing Microsoft Edge Phone Number:

  • 99% customer satisfaction rate on the very first call
  • Best assistance for Edge browser
  • Quick and reliable help
  • Cost-effective customer service
  • Round the clock services for seven days a week

Dial Microsoft Edge Phone Number for solving issues such as:

  • My Microsoft Edge is working very slowly
  • Microsoft Edge starts working slowly when the free space gets low. Sometimes, the RAM gets fully occupied by one of the pages which consume most of the CPU cycles. Due to this, other pages can’t get the CPU cycles and loads very slowly. You can boost the speed by terminating the page which is using most of the CPU cycles. Close all the open tabs in Microsoft Edge browser and restart your Edge browser:
  1. Tap on the “…” (Library) button
  2. Click on InPrivate browser Windows
  3. Remove your cookies, history, and cache from the Browser
  4. Remove all the temporary files from your device
  5. Now, restart the device
  6. Check your internet connection, if your internet connection is smooth and you are still getting slow speed; contact Edge Customer Service and get various techniques for boosting your Edge Speed.
  • How to use Edge on Windows 8.1?
  • Well yes! It is true that you can use Edge on Windows 7 or 8.1. You will not get Edge as the default browser but you can install and use it. You have to download a setup copy of Edge in your device. Get step by step guidelines for installing Microsoft Edge in your device by dialing Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number.


  • Unable to use my Password on Edge
  • Password error issue is reported by many Edge customers. In this error, when you try to open a page in an account with your credentials; Edge cuts you out. Excessive junk, cache, and cookies can get you into this error. Microsoft Edge Phone Number can help you for troubleshooting your password issues. Close all the tabs and restart your browser:
  1. Click on the “…” (Library) option
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on Clear browser data
  4. Click on Choose what you want to clear tab
  5. Reload the Edge
  6. Remove all the recently downloaded application, sometimes faulty applications can also get you into these errors.


  • Edge is not working
  • If your Edge is not working properly or you are facing continuous freezes or crashes then asking Edge Customer Service for help can be helpful. Here are some possible solutions for solving this kind of errors:
  • Restart the device: This is the most type of solution; sometimes due to excess RAM usage; you can get this error. Restarting the device might help for solving the error.
  • Repair Edge: Various errors can troubleshoot just by repairing the Edge. Here are the basic steps for repairing the Edge:
  1. Open settings
  2. Click on apps
  3. Go to Microsoft Edge
  4. Click on the advanced option
  5. Close your Edge
  6. Restart the Edge
  • Update your Operating System: Edge can also stop running properly if your device is working on a prior version of Operating System. Update your Operating System and try to run your Edge again.


  • Edge stuck on infinite loop
  • Faulty applications can get you into an infinite loop. Check recent downloads; if you see and application suspicious then removes it immediately. Try solving this error by using Windows 10 System File Checker Tool.


  • All tabs are showing “Have a problem”
  • Check your internet connection when your all tabs are showing “Have a problem”. If your internet is working smoothly then dial Microsoft Edge Phone Number for help. You can also remove all the cookies, history cache, and other junk for solving errors in Edge. This might not solve some errors but it will definitely boost up the speed of your Edge.

Why contact Microsoft Edge Customer Service for help?

Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number is giving you 24*7 help support. Our team members are well-trained and have good experience in dealing with an error related to Edge browser. If you are facing any type of error at any time of the day, you can easily talk to our experts and ask them for help. Our team will provide you reliable solutions for your glitches so you can troubleshoot the errors quickly.

How to connect with Edge Customer Service?

Our Edge team is offering you various platforms for connecting with us:

  • Edge telephonic support: Dial Microsoft Edge Phone Number and your call will be assisted by our technical analyst.
  • Edge chat support: You can also troubleshoot your error by using out Edge Help Support Portal.

You can also visit direct Microsoft website to complete your setup.